Marketers must consider an open garden approach in marketing

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July 02, 2019, 5:29 AM UTC

This approach can bring brands closer to having a single view of the customer.

The article notes the difficulty faced by marketers in achieving a high level of personalisation in an omnichannel ecosystem. Providing such an experience would require bridging siloed internal data. This data could hold information about consumer preferences, needs, wants, behaviours, timing and intent.

The author proposes that businesses should consider an open garden approach to marketing. Due to the connected ecosystem that an open garden approach provides, marketers could have a single point of control on customer data, decisions and interactions.

This allows companies to break down data silos, extend the value of legacy investments, unify fragmented platforms and add new technologies at leisure. An open garden approach could also let businesses simplify the data-integration qualities of their centralised customer data hub.

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