Pitching via sales videos is more effective than using plain text emails

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July 22, 2019, 4:58 PM UTC

Sales videos can help the message stand out from digital clutter.

This piece says that creating and sharing sales videos across the internet via emails and social media can help increase response rate while improving brand visibility among the customers. Sales videos can further boost the brand’s credibility and build customer relationships as opposed to a plain text email.

According to the article, when given a choice, more than half of the executives surveyed prefer videos over text. Videos allow the viewer to see and hear the salesperson and subsequently build up credibility as compared to written text, which has “zero personality.”

The author contends that sales videos also allow marketers to get their point across quickly and help consumers understand their products better. Leveraging short video recordings for a sales pitch can also make it easier for audience consumption and increases engagement. 

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