Instagram’s ‘like’ count ban will encourage brands to create authentic content

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July 25, 2019, 5:24 PM UTC

Hiding ‘likes’ can help brands assess their posts with tangible and sales-driven metrics.

The photo-sharing app has been trying to get users to focus more on the actual content over the number of ‘likes’ that a post receives. This piece says that the move could likely affect brands who rely on ‘likes’ as a metric for audience engagement.

The author contends that banning ‘likes’ will instead force brands to focus on click-through rates and online sales to measure their campaign success. The move could see brands creating more authentic content rather than depending on trending posts with the most social validation.

The ban has a monetary advantage for Instagram as it will force brands to invest more on ads for greater visibility. The ban could also “encourage mindful usage” of the app, and help combat mental health issues for the app users.

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