AI lets marketers create content and generate leads

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August 06, 2019, 2:44 AM UTC

AI-driven tools are particularly useful for lead generation.

Within content marketing, AI is useful both for generating evergreen content as well as for lead generation. The author suggests that it could also help companies generate and curate content.

One measure suggested is to use AI-driven tools. For example, by using Lately, a social media management tool, brands will be able to put together analytics, project management, reporting, calendars and posting. This can be done in less than a minute, rather than studying datasheets manually which is a time intensive process. It also checks content for grammatical and spelling errors.

Tools can also be used to personalise on-site content. Businesses can also use tools like Siftrock, to locate new leads. AI-driven systems can also help brands discover content that can be adapted for their own sites.   

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