B2B marketers should embrace new technologies to measure value generated by events

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August 20, 2019, 1:35 PM UTC

Majority of B2B buyers prefer to engage with event presentations and vendor-supplied event materials.

This piece argues that due to the physical nature of events, it becomes difficult for organisers to capture and classify activities of the participants when compared to digital campaigns. But it is critical for marketers to measure the value of events as participants are generally in the decision-making stage.

This article states that until the advent of event-specific mobile apps, event management technologies struggled to collect and analyse the value delivered. However, research shows that even in the digital environment, both buyers and marketers find the physical event materials more important.

The author contends that by upgrading tools and processes, B2B marketers can bring events into the digital age. Advanced B2B event management technology landscape can guide marketers to manage, automate and scale both digital and in-person events.

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