Consumers wants companies to act on issues like data security and wage gap

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August 20, 2019, 7:04 AM UTC

Fleishman surveyed 7,364 engaged consumers, aged from 18 to 65, across the US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, China and the UK.

This piece states that consumers want organisations to take a stand on issues like data security and wage gap, that are within their control. Consumers don’t expect corporations to solve the world’s problems or care about the same things they do.

53% of people said that their perception towards a brand is formed by the way it acts, while the remaining considered its products and services. 69% of respondents said that to build a credible reputation, companies must talk about their behaviour and impact on society, instead of just pushing sales.

The report further said that consumers are not interested in hearing the CEO’s personal beliefs. However, they want the company’s management to talk about the issues that affect their customers, employees and their products and services.

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