Google proposes rigid industry standards for user data collection

Tasim Zahid
August 23, 2019, 9:47 AM UTC

The proposed changes will let users check the metadata directly from the ad.

Tech giant Google has proposed new industry standards around what control users should have over their data for digital advertisements. The principal element of this proposal is that users should be able to see what data is being collected about them, by whom and why. Additionally, what brands will be delivering the ad.

The proposals come a day after Google said it would join IAB’s revamped GDPR framework by next March. Both the projects look similar, but Google said it aims to “complement existing privacy frameworks.”

In May, the search engine behemoth had also updated the privacy settings of its Chrome browser, allowing users to block cookies from tracking them. It is also trying to encourage new idea on delivering ad personalisation while keeping user privacy intact through its “Privacy Sandbox” project.

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