CBD marketers could keep gatekeepers educated on new laws for ease of advertising

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September 09, 2019, 5:21 AM UTC

Adopting a data-centric approach can help reduce wastage during targeting.

This article highlights approaches companies could take for advertising and marketing Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) products, as stated by Jon Lowen, co-founder at Surfside.IO. With advertising restrictions varying across states, marketers could focus advertising on ad spaces where 72% of the people are 21 years or older.

Educating gatekeepers on new laws can be useful. Additionally, businesses can leverage the customer data they have to identify and profile high-value consumers. This information can be used to create look-alike audiences and to locate potential customers whose attributes are similar to existing ones.

The author recommends adopting a data-centric approach by using consumer datasets to track customer visits and purchases. Through this, brands can reach customers that have recently purchased from them.

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