Companies can use cross-selling campaigns to encourage high order value sales conversions

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October 15, 2019, 4:14 PM UTC

Irrespective of the campaign type, marketers can use persuasion factors like scarcity and urgency. 

This article recommends marketers should use promotional offers like mystery deals in their email campaigns to boost e-commerce sales. Marketers can create cross-selling offers aimed at users who are at the decision making stages of the sales funnel with higher-order value. 

Brands can make relevant product suggestions to increase the average order value of customers who are willing to make an extra purchase for free-shipping. Creating website popups with additional deals can get consumer attention while using GIFs in cross-selling emails can further amplify conversions.

Using a clearance sale campaign can also boost sales by creating a sense of urgency among consumers and triggering the FOMO factor. Additionally, brands should offer seasonal deals to get prospective customers’ attention around the holiday season.

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