Lifestyle and personal quizzes can help marketers understand their consumer better

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October 23, 2019, 2:06 PM UTC

Retailers can leverage online quizzes to cross-sell and enhance conversions.

Creating an online lifestyle and personal quizzes allow brands to understand their customer better and consequently generate leads. Online quizzes can help brands identify their potential consumer’s interests and preferences and serve them highly personalised recommendations.

Quizzes can help marketers cross-sell by recommending complementary products at the end of the quiz and increase the average order value. This piece says that adding incentives like free shipping to email signups further encourages consumers to take up the quizzes, and ultimately generate leads for the brand.

The author contends that brands should make their email signups optional, so as not to discourage users from taking the quizzes. Consultation and analysis quizzes further allow marketers to build curiosity among their prospective consumers.

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