Marketers can use machine learning to tailor the journey of every prospect

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October 31, 2019, 2:37 AM UTC

It can also analyse source data and meta data to build optimum data pipelines.

This article states that combining machine learning (ML) with business intelligence (BI) can improve productivity, quality, customer service and more. The author recommends using ML to improve operational processes and personalise messages at the top and bottom of the funnel.

ML enables businesses to crunch enormous data, extract actionable insights and decipher customer sentiment so as to address grievances. It can also find patterns in a prospects’ behaviour, which marketers can use to activate experiences at the minutest of levels.

Further, ML can accurately predict behaviour using large volumes of historic data, thereby making BI more intelligent. It can detect inconsistencies in real-time, increasing operational efficiency. Mature ML systems can collect, analyse and classify threats, thus combating cybercrime.

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