Marketing experts launch The Attention Council to examine the quality of ad placements

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November 20, 2019, 11:35 AM UTC

So far, media evaluation has focused on the raw quality of audiences, instead of the environment in which an ad is viewed.

Key experts in the “attention economy” have launched The Attention Council (TAC) in the light of an overkill of advertising messages that receive low attention levels. The Council aims to analyse the quality of ad placements through “the lens of attention”.

Marc Guldimann, CEO of Parsec Media and one of TAC’s founding members explains how Netflix viewers can get easily distracted within that environment, as compared to the minimal distraction of movie viewers. Hence, the quality of audiences can be discerned by looking through “the lens of attention”.

TAC will focus on thought leadership, specifically, attention metrics, ethics, research, education and lobbying. It may also consider the “creation of attention-based currency for media buying”.

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