Employing niche keywords profitable to competitors can help businesses monetise websites

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November 21, 2019, 2:08 PM UTC

Marketers can use AdSense to select high-paying keywords, and enhance click and conversion rates.

To create effective PPC campaigns and monetise websites, brands can start by finding and using niche keywords which are driving revenues to their competitors. Marketers can leverage AdSense to identify profitable niche keywords and implement them on their websites to increase clicks.

Defining niche industry-related keywords allows brands to further optimise profitable keywords. This article says tools like Keyword Magic can help marketers glean industry-related keywords and sort highest CPC long-tail keywords with low volume but high long-term returns.

This piece also highlights that marketing and advertising businesses can target keywords like “PR” and “SEO” which are popular keywords with 135,000 monthly searches. Furthermore, brands can leverage “email marketing” and “seo consulting services” which are some of the most expensive keywords.

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