Marketers should qualify relevance before guest blogging on other websites

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December 30, 2019, 5:03 PM UTC

Checking out guest post sites from competitors can help brands find relevant websites for guest blogging.

This piece recommends marketers should seek out websites that are highly relevant to their website and not get blinded by only the domain authority. Businesses can also use Mozbar to qualify the domain authority of the selected sites.

Since not all websites invite guest-bloggers, marketers can use social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, to reach out to their content managers and editors to express interest. Brands should thoroughly research the target sites’ blogs and write on something that the prospect hasn’t covered in-depth.

The author suggests marketers should draft unique headlines and descriptive subheadings, along with optimising the content for SEO. But they should ensure that the links added in the article provide value to the readers.

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