Attending blogging offline events can help marketers build a responsive blogging community

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February 04, 2020, 4:29 PM UTC

Responsive blogging community is a group of readers who actively reacts and engaged with a brand’s publication.

This piece recommends marketers should attend offline blogging events as meeting face-to-face will more likely gain long-lasting connections that can be responsive readers as well. Engaging with social media subscribers by replying to their comments can further increase trust among followers and gain their confidence.

The author suggests brands should use simple language with short paragraphs and properly formatted bullet points to create interesting blog posts. Avoiding distractions and unrelated advertisements can help marketers add a professional touch to their blogposts.

Linking out to relevant articles can help brands provide their readers with additional helpful information while popularising their own blogs. The article also states that guest posting and blogging on relevant sites can enable marketers to effectively promote their articles as well as gain backlinks.

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