Businesses should prioritise high performance, viewability, and visits while buying martech

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February 06, 2020, 10:05 AM UTC

Brands considering technology workflow consolidation platforms should ensure they retain the freedom to select vendors as the business grows.

This article makes some suggestions on how media buyers can make smarter martech investments and navigate the “noise” of martech vendors. The author warns against getting distracted by “fancy pricing models”.  

Businesses should focus on transparency and buying media on cost per mille (CPM). Prioritising high performance, viewability and visits are advised. Brands must ensure that them and martech vendors are on the same page on what “self-service” would mean.

Make sure that some level of access to see, inspect and monitor the actions of campaigns is retained. The author points out that since third-party measurement and validation tools have their limitations, they may conflict with the campaign objectives.

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