Businesses should add a human touch to their phone menus for better customer experience

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February 07, 2020, 4:00 PM UTC

A Clutch survey found that 72% of people speak to the human operator after using a phone menu.

This piece argues businesses should always include the option to speak to a human in their phone menus. It helps companies route their customers quickly to their desired options and provide them with an intuitive experience.

Brands should check the necessity of phone menus before implementing them in their customer service operations. While phone menus are efficient for businesses with multiple departments, employees can answer all the questions of their customers over phones in smaller businesses.

Marketers should also keep their phone menus short with limited options. To shorten the phone menus, brands can leverage AI-powered Automated speech recognition (ASR). It will allow customers to speak their questions and be directed to an answer or representative based on keywords.

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