In a phased process, Google to ensure that HTTPS pages on Chrome only download secure files

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February 11, 2020, 2:03 AM UTC

This is a part of Google’s effort to migrate developers over to HTTPS.

Google has announced its plans of moving from warning Chrome users about “insecure” downloads to eventually outright blocking them. As per Joe DeClasio, Chrome’s security team, Chrome will ensure that only secure files will be downloaded from secure (HTTPS) pages.  

Set to release in April, Chrome version 82, warn users when they’re about to download “mixed content executables from a secure website”. And when version 83 is rolled out, the executable downloads will be blocked and the warning will be applied to archive files.

These warnings will be shown for Android and iOS users in Chrome 83. The delay will give developers a head-start in updating their sites before mobile users are impacted.

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