Publishers should look out for transparent supply sources to reduce risks and maximise revenues

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February 12, 2020, 12:14 PM UTC

Supply chain transparency and phasing out of cookies together are poised to change digital advertising.

This piece argues publishers need to seek more transparent supply chains to maximise working media investments from advertisers and minimise hops. Publishers can limit risk factors like credit liability with buyer-side platforms and low-quality ads through open supply chains.

Publishers should be selective about DSPs and advertisers and evaluate questionable demand sources while measuring their impact on revenue. Eliminating SSPs that cannot support DSPs further enable publishers to enhance their revenue sources.

Transparency will also allow advertisers to buy across different publishers and maximise available inventory. A transparent ad-buying environment further will enable buyers to decrease cost-per-mille. The author contends implementing transparency and demand selection standards can also reinforce the ad ecosystem.

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