69% of website content is not seen by consumers and prospects

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March 11, 2020, 1:21 PM UTC

According to a new benchmark report from Contentsquare, organic and free sources drive 65% all website visits.

The report found that most website content across the globe was not seen by their consumers or prospects. While organic and free traffic contributed to 65% of all website visits, sites with financial services had the most organic or free traffic (80%).

The article states travel websites had the most paid visits with 49% site visits. The study also found that on an average 55% of site visits were from smartphones, with total non-desktop traffic tallying up to 60%. Luxury goods, followed by apparel and beauty products contributed to the highest amount of mobile traffic.

Slower loading sites observed lower engagements and abandonments, especially on mobile devices. The report further revealed that an average consumer would visit a website three times before making a purchase.

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