30% of Americans wouldn’t accept a free solo trip abroad

July 11, 2018, 5:00 PM GMT+0

Russia and Mexico top the list of countries Americans would be worried to travel to, and 31% think that the risk of violent crime is higher in Europe than the US

Each summer millions of Americans leave the United States to travel abroad, and not just to neighboring Canada and Mexico. According to YouGov Omnibus, 66% of Americans say that they have traveled abroad, including 44% who say that they have traveled to countries other than Canada or Mexico. Of those who have left the country, 42% have traveled alone.

Overall most Americans are pretty confident about traveling abroad, even alone. Asked whether they would accept a free trip abroad for a month, where the only condition is that you have to travel alone, only 30% of Americans say no. 61% would say yes, with people who have already travelled outside of North America being the most likely (75%).

Asked about whether they would be worried about visiting 11 popular travel destinations, Americans responded were most likely to say they would be were worried about visiting Russia (65%) and Mexico (64%). On the other end, only 12% would be worried about visting Canada.

Americans are relatively evenly split as to whether or not Europe is more dangerous than the United States. 31% think that you are more likely to be a victim of violent crime in Europe, 30% think the risk is about the same, while 20% think the risk is lower in Europe.

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