Cabin Check: An analysis of the airlines sector

Hoang NguyenData Journalist
August 07, 2018, 3:30 PM GMT+0

Nearly one in two Americans will book a flight in the next twelve months

Air travel has evolved from simply being a mode of transportation. Today’s airlines are now considered retailers; booking a flight is akin to signing up for an experience complete with shopping and entertainment. YouGov’s latest data reveals that 48% of Americans say they will book a flight at some time in the next year, signifying the market of potential customers.

As the sector continues to grow, targeting new consumers and retaining previous passengers comes down to more than analyzing existing travel habits. Airline brands must drive their decision-making on the basis of granular segmentation – ranging from demographics to world view to favored brands outside the sector – to get a holistic picture of potential and current customers.

YouGov’s latest report connects data from two powerful solutions to highlight what is happening in the airlines sector:

  • YouGov BrandIndex, a global brand tracker, reveals the top performing airlines among domestic vacationers and international business travelers.
  • YouGov Profiles, a consumer segmentation tool, draws attention to different groups of frequent flyers – from jetsetting, older millennials to business- and first-class passengers – to help airlines understand their customers’ preferences and curate the best possible in-flight experience.
  • Employed in tandem, YouGov’s connected data products allow for a comprehensive look at two popular airlines – Southwest Airlines and Emirates – and explore just how these carriers fare today.

This analysis of the airline sector among US consumers should be of particular interest to those looking to unpack future air travel behavior as well as identify potential brands and retailers to partner with.

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