US Travel Advertiser of the Month: Delta

Janice Fernandes
October 01, 2021, 5:36 AM GMT+0

Delta, one of the United States’ major airlines, has seen the highest uplift in Ad Awareness this month, earning the title of Travel Advertiser of the Month for the US. According to data from YouGov BrandIndex, which tracks the health of brands daily, Delta experienced a rise of three percentage points between August 25 to September 24.

In March 2020, Delta announced its commitment to becoming the first carbon-neutral airline globally with advanced technology, drive innovations and accelerated reduction of carbon emissions.

To increase awareness about its carbon neutral status, the airline launched a new ad campaign earlier this month focusing on sustainable air travel and promising to offset the carbon emitted from each flight. Climate change has been a big issue for leaders in the travel industry and Delta aims to make travel sustainable enough that “no one has to choose between seeing the world and saving it”.

The airline also saw a rise in Buzz, which gauges if consumers have heard something positive or negative about a brand. That score rose from 5.5 on August 26 to 7.6 on September 24.

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Methodology: BrandIndex collects data on thousands of brands every day. A brand’s Ad Awareness score is based on the question: “Which of the following consumer brands have you seen an advertisement for in the past two weeks?” and delivered as a percentage. The data is based on the interviews of US adults aged 18+ between August 25 and September 24, 2021. Learn more about BrandIndex.