Target’s Still Feeling Impact Of Transgender Bathroom Policy

Ted MarzilliCEO YouGov Direct
June 21, 2016, 8:07 PM GMT+0

For the past three weeks, Target’s purchase consideration levels have been moving around the three-year low mark, coinciding with its April 19th announcement regarding transgender use of bathrooms and fitting rooms. This may indicate rough sales waters ahead for the retailer.

The drop in purchase consideration is not as steep as the one Target took after its late 2013 data breach. The retailer’s new low was likely made easier that according to YouGov BrandIndex’s consumer metrics, it never fully recovered to pre-breach levels in the first place.

Looking back to the first month after the late 2013 data breach, Target went from 49% of consumers considering purchasing from the brand the next time they went shopping down to 36%. Still quite strong numbers, but well down from normal levels.

Over the past two years, Target hovered between 41% and 43%. Their recent slide coincided with the transgender announcement, beginning on April 15th, when they were at the 42% purchase consideration mark. By May 18th, they had slid to 35%, one percentage point below their data breach low, where they still stand today.

Purchase Consideration: Target