Quarterly Report: Domino's

July 24, 2017, 6:57 PM GMT+0

As Domino’s Pizza prepares to announce its Q2 results tomorrow, YouGov for Traders takes a closer look at one of this decade’s best-performing stocks, along with how the brand compares to rivals at home and in Australia

Since the beginning of the decade, Domino’s share price has experienced phenomenal growth, rising from under $10 to over $200. This gain has been mirrored by an increasingly strong picture of brand health with US consumers. Domino’s Index Score — YouGov's measure of overall brand health — has moved from a negative score in April 2010 to a positive one today at a rate consistent with the pizza brand's share price.

Despite this impressive improvement, Domino’s still trails rival Pizza Hut in the eyes of US consumers across a series of YouGov metrics. Taking just one of these metrics — quality — as an example, though the gap in perceived quality narrows near the middle of this reporting period, Pizza Hut maintains a lead of at least two points throughout the quarter.

A more favorable consumer opinion of Pizza Hut, however, is not a global trend. In Australia, for example, the pattern is reversed, with Domino’s scoring higher across the board than Pizza Hut. In fact, looking at the Index Scores of the two American brands alongside the Index Score for Australian chain Crust Pizza shows that Crust Pizza provides a stronger challenge to Domino’s than Pizza Hut.

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