America's favorite chocolate is milk chocolate

Linley SandersData Journalist
February 09, 2021, 3:37 PM GMT+0

When searching for sweets, Americans tend to prefer milk chocolate over other cocoa choices.

YouGov data shows that half of Americans (49%) are partial to milk chocolate while one-third (34%) enjoy dark chocolate the most. Just one in nine adults (11%) choose white chocolate as their favorite. Women and men are equally likely to enjoy milk chocolate (50% and 47% respectively) over dark (35% and 33% respectively) and white chocolate (11% each).

In an assorted chocolate gift box, three in 10 Americans (29%) call chocolate-covered caramels their favorite item. One-quarter (23%) of adults like chocolate-covered nuts the most — with 45-to 54-year-olds (25%) and those who are 55 or older(26%) being much more likely than young adults under 25 (13%) to call it their top choice.

One in eight adults (12%) say chocolate toffee is their ideal chocolate box item, while one in nine (11%) pick chocolate-covered coconut. Just one in eleven select chocolate-covered fruits, such as coated strawberries or cherries, as their favorite. Even fewer (6%) say biting into a mint chocolate is their preferred choice from the assorted box.

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Methodology: 5,182 US Adults were asked, “Which of the following is your favorite kind of chocolate?” Response options: “Dark chocolate,” “Milk chocolate,” “White Chocolate,” “Other,” “Don’t know,” and “N/A - I do not eat chocolate.” Respondents were also asked, “In an assorted box of chocolates, which of the following is your favorite?” Response options, “Chocolate-covered caramel,” “Chocolate-covered toffee,” “Chocolate-covered coconut,” “Chocolate-covered nuts,” “Chocolate-covered mint,” “Chocolate-covered fruit,” “Other,” “Don't know,” “N/A - I do not eat chocolate.” The poll was conducted between February 8- 9, 2021. The responding sample is weighted to be representative of the US population.

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