March Top Buzz Improvers

March 24, 2011, 10:36 PM GMT+0

New ad campaigns and aggressive social media strategies have helped the latest BrandIndex Buzz Improvers win their rankings.

Taco Bell has had a busy time reacting to PR crises. A lawsuit in January about the meat content of their tacos prompted a spirited campaign including “Thank you for Suing Us” ads, a free tacos offer on Facebook, announcements from the Taco Bell President and ads featuring real Taco Bell employees. So far, the strategy seems to be working, although buzz is not back to where it was pre-lawsuit.

Arby’s Restaurant Group was the second highest Buzz Improver jumping from 12.1 to 19.5. They recently launched their “It’s Good Mood Food” featuring a character called R.B. who helps people find common ground through their mutual love of Arby’s food. Their new foodie blog, is penned by the Arby’s team and a professional chef.

Levi’s “Butt Cam” viral video received several million views until YouTube shut them down. Featuring two attractive women sauntering around LA with hidden cameras in the back pocket of their jeans, the video busted the guys checking out their assets. YouTube pulled the video – taking pictures of people without getting signed releases is a no no. You may still be able to view the video at:

Red Robin, home of the gourmet burger announced the return of its Prime Chophouse Burger, for a limited time only. The campaign featured TV ads, social media events and the return of their Tip-A-Cop® campaign where local police officers wait on restaurant guests to benefit the Special Olympics Program. Red Robin saw a buzz improvement of 5.6.

Wells Fargo, one of the most advanced social media proponents in the financial services space was fifth place with a Buzz Improver jump of 5.3. Wells Fargo is entering the final leg of its integration with Wachovia.