These are America’s “Best of 2018” picks

Jamie BallardData Journalist
December 28, 2018, 3:00 PM GMT+0

Nearly a quarter of Americans with opinions about film say that Black Panther was the best film of the year

As 2018 nears its end, YouGov looked back at what Americans say were the most influential people and popular entertainment from the past year.

In all cases, respondents gave answers in their own words, with the top five responses in each category then tested in closed-ended questioning during a second wave of interviews. The data shared herein reflect results from this second wave.

Donald Trump had the biggest impact.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nearly six in ten Americans say that Donald Trump had the biggest impact on the world in 2018. In a distant second place was Barack Obama (7%), whose wife, Michelle Obama (4%), was also named one of the people with the biggest impact.

Nearly a quarter of people say Black Panther was the best film of the year.

The Marvel movie starring Chadwick Boseman was named the best film of 2018 by Americans with an opinion, nearly a quarter (23%) of whom have it as their top pick. Another superhero film -- Avengers: Infinity War -- wasn’t far behind, with 18% of people choosing it as the best of the year.

The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones were the best TV programs, say Americans.

The CBS comedy was the most popular pick for the best TV show of 2018, with 16% of Americans who have an opinion on the matter choosing this. Another 14% chose HBO’s Game of Thrones, while a similar number (13%) picked Last Man Standing, which stars Tim Allen.

Americans loved America’s Got Talent.

When asked specifically about the best reality television shows of 2018, the most popular choice among Americans who had an opinion on the question by far was America’s Got Talent. In second place was The Voice, with 18% picking the NBC show. Another 13% of Americans also enjoyed a reality show from across the pond: The Great British Baking Show.

Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence were America’s favorite actresses.

Sandra Bullock (13%), the star of Bird Box and Ocean’s Eight, was one of America’s favorite actresses for 2018 among those who had an opinion. She was tied with Jennifer Lawrence (13%), who starred in the film Red Sparrow this year. Other popular actresses included Lady Gaga (12%), who made her big-screen debut this year in A Star is Born, and Jennifer Aniston (11%), who starred in the movie Dumplin’.

Denzel Washington was America’s favorite actor of 2018.

Close to one-fifth (17%) of Americans with an opinion on this year’s actors say Denzel Washington was their favorite actor of 2018. Clint Eastwood (16%) and Ryan Reynolds (13%) were other popular choices, while Lady Gaga’s co-star and director Bradley Cooper gained favor with 9% of Americans this year.

Carrie Underwood was named the best music artist of 2018.

Among Americans with an opinion about the best music artist, Carrie Underwood (16%) was the most popular pick, followed by Ed Sheeran (13%) and Bruno Mars (13%). In addition to being named one of America’s favorite actresses of the year, Lady Gaga (12%) was also a popular pick for the best music artist of the year.

Ellen DeGeneres was the most popular TV personality.

Nearly one-fifth (19%) of Americans with an opinion on this question say that Ellen DeGeneres was their favorite TV personality of 2018, followed by Steve Harvey (12%).

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