Lady Gaga is the most popular Grammy nominee

Jamie BallardData Journalist
February 07, 2019, 7:45 PM GMT+0

Over half (53%) of Americans have a positive opinion of Lady Gaga, while fewer (33%) say the same about Drake

The 61st Grammy Awards, which honor accomplishments in music, are on Sunday, February 10. Of the nominees for Record of the Year, Lady Gaga is the most popular, with just over half (53%) of Americans saying they have a positive opinion of the singer/actress, nominated along with Bradley Cooper for the song Shallow. She’s also by far the most well-known nominee, with 98% of people saying they’ve heard of her.

Drake also fares well, with one-third (33%) of Americans saying they have a positive opinion of the rapper. Similarly, almost three in ten (29%) have a positive opinion of Kendrick Lamar. Roughly a quarter (26%) hold positive opinions about Cardi B, and slightly fewer (23%) feel the same about Childish Gambino.

Rounding out the list of Grammy nominees are Post Malone and Zedd, both of whom are largely unknown to most Americans. Two-thirds of people have never heard of Zedd, while 56% haven’t heard of Post Malone.

When it comes to Album of the Year, Drake — nominated for his album God’s Plan — is the most popular artist. Black Panther: The Album, which was recorded and produced in part by rapper Kendrick Lamar, is also nominated in this category.

A quarter (25%) of Americans have a positive opinion of Janelle Monáe, nominated for Dirty Computer, though 56% haven’t heard of her. Fewer still (19%) say they like country artist Kacey Musgraves, though more than six in ten (62%) say they’re not familiar with her work in the first place. Only 4% have a negative opinion of the singer, whose album Golden Hour is nominated for album of the year.

YouGov Ratings does not yet have sufficient data collected on Brandi Carlile, who is nominated for her song The Joke and for her album By The Way, I Forgive You; or on H.E.R., nominated for the album H.E.R.

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