2012 Presidential Debate II


In a YouGov poll of 716 Americans (results) completed in the hour after the 2012 Presidential debates, Obama comes out as the clear victor with 50% of Americans viewing him as the winner. Democrats give Obama the win almost universally (97%) with Independents evenly divided and Republicans leaning toward Romney at a healthy 73%.

In the expectations game, however, Obama is once again a clear winner. Obama's loyalty is maintained among those who thought that he would be the winner of tonight's debate (among whom Obama was viewed as the winner by 98%). Among those who predicted a tie, Obama won over 51% compared to 21% that sided with Romney. Although few predicting a Romney win converted to an outright victory by Obama, 21% changed their view from a Romney win to a tie. For Obama, only 1% changed their mind from a predicted Obama win to a tie.

Who do you think won the presidential debate?
 Predicted Debate Winner
  Obama   Tie    Romney
Obama 98% 51% 1%
Tie 1% 25% 21%
Romney 0% 21% 76%


In addition to the overall view of Obama's win, the words people would use to describe the two candidates are decisively in Obama's favor.

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