Republican Rick Perry Leads Democrat Bill White for Governor in Texas

November 02, 2010, 3:19 AM GMT+0

In the final day before the election, Republican Rick Perry appears to have the race for Governor all but won. Perry holds a solid lead of 10 percentage points among likely voters over Democrat Bill White.


Registered VotersLikely Voters

Bill White



Rick Perry



Independents leaning toward Perry

Among likely voters, incumbent Governor Republican Rick Perry leads Democrat Bill White by 8 percentage points among Independents. Perry also has a double digit lead over White among men, 19 points, but only holds a 3 point lead among women. Perry holds a 31 point lead among white voters, while White holds a 38 point lead among non-whites.


Interviews with 1000 registered voters, including 903 likely voters, were conducted October 7-31, 2010, online using YouGov’s PollingPoint panel. YouGov uses a matched sample methodology that selects respondents to match the Texas registered voter population in terms of demographics (age, race, gender, education, employment status, income, marital status, children), past voting behavior, and political attitudes (interest in politics, party registration, and ideology). Margin of error (adjusted for weighting) for registered voters is ± 3.9% and for likely voters is ± 4.3%.

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