Social Equality and Economic Equality

February 03, 2012, 7:00 PM GMT+0

More Americans are concerned about the growing income gap they see between more successful Americans and average Americans than are concerned about seeing successful American and average Americans no longer treat each other as equals. Most Americans see reasons for concern in both directions. (Week of 1/28/2012)

What concerns you more these days?

More than one-in-three (37%) say both are cause for concern. Add it all up, and 62% say income inequality is more of a concern or both gaps are worrisome; 50% say social inequality is more of a concern or both gaps are worrisome.

Overall, only 24% dismiss both, saying neither income inequality nor social inequality is a concern.

For African-Americans, both are a problem. There is little reason to choose one over the other, most African-Americans say. African-Americans are by far the most likely to have concerns about an income gap and the most likely to have concerns about the increasing lack of social equality they see.

Democrats and liberals are far more likely to say income equality is more of a concern or that both are a concern -- (87% of liberals and 79% of Democrats express some level of concern about income inequality). Compare that to Republicans and conservatives, who are the only groups more likely to express concern about social inequality than about income inequality.

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Photo source: Press Association

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