Who Is Most Likely To Blame Wall Street For The Economic Doldrums?

June 08, 2012, 3:00 PM GMT+0

(Week of 6/2/2012) Overall, 66% blame Wall Street bankers a great deal or a lot for the poor economic conditions of the past few years in this current Economist/YouGov poll (Week of June 2, 2012). That is a greater proportion of Americans blaming Wall Street bankers a great deal or a lot for the state of the economy than blame Republicans in Congress, former President George W. Bush, Democrats in Congress or President Obama, and by a wide margin, although majorities do blame all those a lot or a great deal with the sole exception of the President. Only 42% blame Obama a lot or a great deal.

Among those most likely to blame Wall Street bankers are those age 65 and older (73%), college graduates (71%) and men (70%).

Even higher proportions of Democrats and liberals blame the Wall Street bankers, but among those two groups, the same high proportions blame Republicans in Congress and Bush, too, so bankers are not a special target for their blame.

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Photo source: Press Association