Question of the day findings: Attitudes towards SCOTUS ruling on Afforable Care

July 03, 2012, 4:03 PM GMT+0

As Adam Myers reported last week, Americans are “closely divided on both the law as a whole as well as on the more general question of whether it is the government’s responsibility to provide universal health coverage”. In order to understand a little more about why these divisions exist, we at YouGov thought we’d throw it open to our ‘Question of the day’ respondents: did SCOTUS make the right or wrong decision, and – whatever your view – why?

Again, the response was divided, but the vast majority of those who approved the passage of the healthcare act claimed to do so for ethical reasons: healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. Others argued that, from an economic perspective, costs would eventually go down, as more people would be contributing to the cost of healthcare in this country. Many also pragmatically suggested that while it’s not perfect, it’s better than what currently exists, and so is a good step in the right direction.

On the other hand, many respondents were vehemently against the passage of the Affordable Care Act, arguing predominantly either that the law was in fact a tax or – if it weren’t – that the Federal government should not be allowed to force people to pay for products or services that they don’t want. Others took issue with the idea of unelected judges dictating policy to some extent.

Whatever your personal opinion, views around the country are clearly polarized on this issue, simply adding to the magnitude of Thursday’s decision.

(Click on each argument, below, to see more quotes.)

Do you think the Supreme Court made the right or wrong decision on Afforable Care? Why?

“ RIGHT DECISION: Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege”

“Everyone deserves the right to have Insurance.” Anon

“I like the American tradition of shared and collective effort as in Barn Raising and neighbors helping neighbors. There are some things that one person cannot do alone and those things are accomplished through cooperation with others.” Martha, Sacramento, CA

“Healthcare is a right not something optional.” Teri, Riverside, CA

“Health care is a right. Not a privilege. We are the only developed nation not to cover all its citizens health care. This is a start that is long overdue.” Ed, Cocoa, Florida

“RIGHT DECISION: It’s not perfect, but it’s a good first step”

“We need coverage for all. This is a good "first step". Should have been Medicare for All but it was watered down by Healthcare Company money.” Marko, Lugoff, SC

“If we are to solve our Entitlements problem we need to centralize management of our health care system to improve efficiency and cut coasts--the Affordable Health care Act is an important step.” Anon

“I know it will be the right thing for the country in a few years!!!”Arthur M

“Access to basic health care is deplorable for the average person. Even those with health insurance are nickled, dimed, co-pay and deductibled to death. ACA is not perfect, but it seems to be a step in the right direction.”Kam, JP, MA

“RIGHT DECISION: Costs will go down”

“It protects more people and will eventually bring down the cost of health care.”Anon

“I believe that the cost of health care will go down when the people have control as consumers instead of the insurance companies controllng cost and access to health care.”Anon

“If we are to solve our Entitlements problem we need to centralize management of our health care system to improve efficiency and cut coasts--the Affordable Health care Act is an important step.” Anon

“WRONG DECISION: It’s a tax”

“The way out of the recession is not to tax the hell out of people. The government is running our lives and taking away our civil rights promised to us by the constitution. What will they take from us next?” Anon

“Obamacare is a liberal tax scheme, having little-to-nothing to do with healthcare. It's a federally run program that is doomed to be worse than Amtrak.” Anon

“The federal government should not be in the business of taxing people for not doing a specific thing.” Westlake, Ohio

“Too expensive. More TAXES.” Anon

“WRONG DECISION: Government shouldn’t be allowed to force people to buy things”

“Government should not dictate what we buy!” Brian, Ferndale,WA

“Legally, although you may mandate a person buys auto insurance, since a person can opt out of owning a car, you cannot mandate a person buys Health Insurance. Such mandates are the mark of an autocracy not a democracy or republic.” Rick, Atlanta, GA

“It's ridiculous that the government can force people to pay for insurance. The government is getting out of control and beginning to impose on our freedom.” Nichole, Cincinnati, OH

“Forcing Americans to purchase Insurance is not a function of government. This health care plan is unconstitutional and will cost way too much money and create a situation where government will intrude in our lives in so many ways.” P. Lawrence, Arlington, TX

“WRONG DECISION: Judges shouldn’t dictate policy”

“The Supreme Court is wrong when to make a decision it must change the words from penalties to taxes. This is not what was being argued. In essence the Justice is making policy from the bench.” Diana, Miami, Florida

“Overreach by Congress…how do we protect ourselves from unelected judges?” Eric, The Villages, FL

“Justices rewrote the law. The law as written and argued was unconstitutional.” MJS, CPA, Grand Rapids, MI