South Carolina House race is set

April 03, 2013, 2:23 PM GMT+0

The race for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District has been set: Republican Mark Sanford will face off against Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

The special congressional election has attracted national attention because of the unique backgrounds of both candidates.

Sanford, the former governor of the state made headlines "when he he vanished from South Carolina for five days in 2009," as the Huffington Post reports. "Reporters were told he was hiking the Appalachian Trail but the then-married governor later tearfully acknowledged he was visiting Maria Belen Chapur, which he told everyone at a news conference announcing his affair (...)"

Colbert Busch, who is an adminstrator at Clemson University, has a different claim to fame: she is the sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, who has pledged to help her in the race

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Mark Sanford

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Elizabeth Colbert Busch

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Stephen Colbert

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