Majority Support Travel Restrictions to Cuba

April 11, 2013, 8:56 PM GMT+0

Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s recent trip to Cuba has brought US travel restrictions to Cuba into focus, but a majority of Americans still support some restriction on travel to the Communist country

A new YouGov reveals that 56% of Americans support some sort of travel restrictions to Cuba.

Currently, the United States requires all U.S. Travelers to Cuba to obtain a license from the United States government before going to Cuba and generally tourist travel to Cuba is illegal.

Of the 56% in favor of retaining restrictions, 24% would support some loosening of them. 25% favor removing them entirely.

There was a partisan element to the results, with Republican voters being the only group with a majority (52%) in favor of retaining the restrictions in their entirety.

While the travel restrictions have been in place for decades, the topic came into focus after musician couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé traveled there for their anniversary, raising questions over whether the trip was licensed (it was) and whether the high-profile couple should have gone at all (still up for debate).

Complete results are available here.

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