Country beats rap in public opinion

December 09, 2014, 9:51 AM GMT+0

Americans are significantly more likely to have a positive opinion of country music than rap

This March YouGov examined popular attitudes towards rap music and role the genre plays in the culture of black Americans. Rappers have long faced accusations from some quarters that they fail to be good role models for young black men, or that they even condone criminal behavior. The core audience of country music may be different, but the newest crop of 'bro-country' acts have also come under fire for presenting a dumbed-down, sexist image of white southern life.

The latest research from YouGov shows that Americans have a far better opinion of country music than rap. 62% of Americans have a favorable opinion of country, compared to only 27% who like rap. Even black Americans, the group most favorable towards rap music, are about as favorable towards country (47%) as rap (45%). White Americans are much more likely to say that they like country (65%) than rap (23%).

When people were asked in March whether rappers are good role models for young black men, only 13% of the public say that they are, while 76% said that they aren't. Asked the same question about country musicians and young white men, 55% of Americans think that country musicians are positive role models. 16% think that country musicians set a bad example for young white men.

Full poll results can be found here.