San Diego and San Antonio locals most proud of their cities

Jake GammonHead of Omnibus, US
August 03, 2015, 12:45 AM GMT+0

The locals of San Diego and San Antonio are proudest to hail from their home cities. 87% of people who were born or currently live in both San Diego and San Antonio said they were proud to come from or to live in those cities. This contrasts with New York and Phoenix where only 68% and 67% of locals claimed to be proud to come from or live in their hometown.

Asked to choose the one thing they most like about their city, San Diego locals love their weather (61%) while San Antonians really like the low cost of living (39%).

If Americans from the cities studied were required to move, San Diego would be their most popular option with 12% preferring the Californian city. Austin comes in second with 9% and New York third at only 6%.

Preferences for a required move are dependent on current location with Texans showing a marked tendency to stay within state boundaries. 40% of San Antonians would choose Austin if they had to move, and Austin is top pick for Dallas (18%) and Houston (22%). For Austinites, San Antonio was their first choice among the cities surveyed (13%).

East coasters tend to cling to the Eastern seaboard or would prefer to move all the way West to San Diego. New Yorkers are most likely to choose a move to Boston (13%), Bostonians would move to DC (12%), but Philadelphians (15%) and Washingtonians (16%) prefer the warmth of San Diego. On the West coast Los Angelinos (29%) and San Franciscans (25%) would also head south to San Diego if they had to make a move.

What people say about San Diego:

"My local government is aware of community needs and addresses them. The weather is beautiful. My neighborhood is very nice.....It's just a neat place to live."

"It's a beautiful city with great people"

"I like the beaches and people, here. It is like paradise."

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