38% of Americans would still see a movie if its star was accused of sexual assault

November 14, 2017, 7:35 PM GMT+0

Many remain unsure how to proceed as entertainment patrons

In 2017, a seemingly endless list of entertainment industry stars have been accused of sexual misconduct. A new study from YouGov Omnibus sought to identify the way such allegations might impact American consumer interest in films and music.

For the purpose of the study, respondents were asked to imagine the upcoming release of a movie they’d been previously interested in seeing, and were asked to determine how they would proceed if the lead actor/actress in the film was accused of sexual assault. Overall, 38% said they would see the movie as they had planned – 40% of men and 36% of women. A considerably smaller group said they would wait to hear if the person was convicted of the crime to see the movie – 17% of men and 13% of women – while 14% of men and 17% of women, said they would never watch a movie that the star had been accused of sexual assault.

Respondents were also asked to weigh in on how allegations against a musical artist would impact their consumer behavior with regards to an album release. Far fewer respondents said they would act as planned in this category despite the allegations – only 24% of men and 19% of women. Nearly a fifth of respondents said they would wait for a verdict before buying the album. Exactly a fifth of men and women polled said they would stream the album regardless of the allegations. Slightly more than that said they would never buy or listen to the album.

Nearly a fifth of all respondents were unsure how they would proceed in either case.

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