Here's how cities tend to describe themselves

Jamie BallardData Journalist
December 10, 2018, 6:00 PM GMT+0

The city most likely to call themselves "adventurous" is Denver

How would you describe the attitude of your city? Is it adventurous? Sophisticated? Charitable? According to recent data from YouGov Omnibus/CityBus, many major cities say that the general attitude of people in their city is “intelligent.” Boston (46%) and Washington DC (46%) are most likely to say their cities are intelligent, though many others like Denver (43%) and San Francisco (43%) also consider themselves intelligent.

“Charitable” is another word many cities used to describe themselves. Houstonians (49%) are most likely of any city to use this word, though Dallas (40%) and Boston (40%) are also likely to call themselves charitable.

Several cities on the west coast say that their people are “eco-conscious.” Portland (56%) is the most likely to say this, with San Francisco (51%) and Seattle (51%) trailing close behind. Denver (45%) and Boston (40%) are also especially likely to say they’re eco-conscious.

By far, the most “adventurous” city is Denver (43%), though about three in ten Seattleites (29%) and Portlanders (28%) also use this word to describe their city. Few people chose the word “sophisticated” to describe their area, though New Yorkers (23%) and DC residents (22%) are most likely to do so. Tampa (7%) is the least likely to describe themselves as “sophisticated,” and also the least likely to call themselves “intelligent” (24%).

Overall, people are more inclined to chose positive adjectives to describe their cities. But some did opt for negative ones: About one-quarter of Miami residents describe people’s attitudes in their city as “selfish” (25%) and “shallow” (26%). In Phoenix, a similar number (25%) describe their city as “close-minded.” Meanwhile, 26% of New Yorkers and 25% of Philadelphia residents say that their cities are “rude.”

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