Having seat kicked America's top airplane pet peeve

May 10, 2013, 9:15 PM GMT+0

Having the back of your seat kicked, smelly seatmates and badly behaved children top the list of Americans' airplane pet peeves

New YouGov research reveals the behaviors that Americans find the most annoying while on airplanes. Having the back of your seat kicked tops off the list as most annoying, with 56% of Americans selecting it, followed by smelly passengers (51%) and badly behaved children (49%)

Americans were a bit more mum over whether they had personally commited any of these offenses.

When we gave respondents the same list and asked if they had ever engaged in any of the behaviors, 59% they had never done any of them, while 11% admitted to coughing on flights and 9% said they gone the entire flight with their seat back.