Plan B changes get public backing

May 07, 2013, 3:03 PM GMT+0

Many Americans support wider availability for Plan B - but opinions are polarized.

The emergency contraceptive ‘Plan B’ is currently only available with a prescription for women under the age of 17, but the FDA intends to make it available over the counter for women aged 15 or over. A recent court ruling, however, may force the government to make it available to women of all ages, though the Obama Administration is appealing this decision.

The latest YouGov research shows that 49% of Americans support Plan B being available over the counter for at least some, with 26% wanting Plan B to be available over the counter for women of all ages. 24% support the current system of prescribing Plan B while 15% believe Plan B should not be available at all.

Democrats (70%) are far more likely than Republicans (30%) to support wider availability of Plan B.

Young people are far more likely to support wider access to Plan B than the elderly. 64% of Americans aged 18 to 29 support some form of over the counter availability, compared to 45% of those who are 30 and over.

Complete results are available here.

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