4 in 10 want GM food banned

June 03, 2013, 9:00 PM GMT+0

Americans of every stripe are likely to outright reject genetically modified foods as unsafe.

The United States is a leader in the production of genetically modified (GM) food, with certain crops - such as corn or cotton - being dominated by genetically modified variants. In much of the world, however, GM foods are strictly controlled and effectively prevented from entering the food supply.

The latest YouGov research shows that the American public would generally like to see a stricter line with regards to GM food. 40% think that the potential dangers mean that it should not be allowed in food products, while 25% think that if food safety authorities such as the FDA approve it, GM food should be allowed.

These figures are largely identical across every demographic group. Democrats (39%) and Republicans (39%) are just as likely to reject GM food. The only significant difference is between men and women, with men (34%) being less likely than women (46%) to support a blanket ban on GM food.

The use of GM food crops can have a significant effect on US exports. The recent discovery of GM wheat in an unapproved field in Oregon has already led certain countries in Asia to announce that they will not be importing affected varieties of wheat from the United States, while the European Union has said that it will begin testing wheat imports from the US. Wheat exports are worth $9 billion annually for the United States.

Complete results are available here.

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