The Zombie Apocalypse

June 14, 2013, 4:28 PM GMT+0

“World War Z” is not a science-fiction concept to some Americans: 14% of Americans believe there is at least a small chance of a zombie apocalypse actually happening according to the YouGov Omnibus survey taken May 15 through 17, 2013.

To many people, the zombies are already here: nearly half the US population (45%) believes that our politicians are the closest things we have to zombies right now. 30% of Americans believe reality TV stars are the closest thing to zombies, followed by investment bankers (17%) and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies (14%).

After a few seasons of watching “The Walking Dead,” people aren’t afraid of them either: 40% of respondents said that if there was a zombie apocalypse, they would pick up a weapon and fight back, overshadowing those who would board up their homes and wait it out (12%) or hide in a shelter (9%).

If anybody could clear up a zombie apocalypse, it seems it would be vampires: 43% of Americans believe vampires would beat zombies in a war, while only 18% thought zombies would be the victors.

One out of five Americans (19%) said that if they became a zombie, their first meal would be their local congressman or congresswoman, a more far more appetizing choice than their ex (9%) or their boss (5%).

As for why there would be a zombie apocalypse in the first place, it’s a close choice between “A scientific experiment gone awry that turns humans into zombie-like creatures” (19%) and “The spread of a parasite that turns its victims into zombie-like creatures” (17%). Least popular reasons: “A toxic chemical spills into the ground and causes the dead to rise” (8%), “There is no room in hell, so the dead have to roam the Earth” (4%), and “The dead have nothing better to do than rise and attack” (3%).

Which of the following, if any, do you think are the closest things we have to zombies now?

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