Biggest social media regret: Sounding foolish

July 23, 2013, 3:57 PM GMT+0

People are jumping the gun responding to e-mails and texts, and it seems to be backfiring.

Responding too quickly when busy is the reason most commonly cited (by 16%) for sending an online communication or text that is later regretted, according to the YouGov Omnibus public opinion survey taken July 16 through 18, 2013.

Most of the regretted communications happen from home (14%), after having drunk alcohol (12%), and late at night when people are tired (12%).

15% of all adults have sent a post, message or text, which has negatively affected a close relationship.

One in five Americans (20%) say they publish a text, tweet or online comment, which they wish they had never sent more than once a month, and 5% send one at least once a day.

For those who have ever had digital regrets, more than one in three (35%) cite their biggest social media regret as not properly considering a response and sounding foolish, 14% worry they may have offended a friend in the heat of the moment, and 13% worry they may have offended many people.

Have you ever sent a post, message or text that has negatively affected a close relationship?

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