Budweiser Most Anticipated Ad of Super Bowl

Jake GammonHead of Omnibus, US
January 30, 2015, 6:10 PM GMT+0

As we prepare for touchdown this Super Bowl, it is the beverage and snack brand ads, which dominate the Most Anticipated Super Bowl Ad list.

Although 82% of Americans planning to watch the Super Bowl say that “humor” is what they like in a Super Bowl commercial it seems that what they really want is a puppy dog and Clydesdales. Over half (53%) of Americans planning to watch the Super Bowl are looking forward to seeing the Budweiser ad.

Next up is Doritos (44%) with its annual “Crash the Super Bowl” million-dollar ad challenge. The winner will be unveiled on Sunday.

Cocal Cola (40%), Bud Light (35%), and Pepsi (34%) round out the top five most anticipated Super Bowl ads for 2015.

Even GoDaddy has nearly a quarter (22%) of Super Bowl watchers anticipating its next offering. GoDaddy has said it will pull the notorious “puppy-mill” ad after a public outcry. Apparently puppies and humor don’t always sit well together. This survey was run on Jan 29th so reflects GoDaddy scores post-announcement.

New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks supporters share the same Most Anticipated Super Bowl Ad list.

Most Anticipated Super Bowl Ads

Base: Adults planning to watch the Super Bowl

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