The future of clothing could be both fashionable and functional

Hoang NguyenData Journalist
February 27, 2018, 4:30 PM GMT+0

49% of Americans would adopt temperature-regulating clothing

USA’s Olympic athletes arrived in more than just style at this year’s Winter Games. Ralph Lauren melded fashion with function and added conductive ink technology to the American athletes’ jackets so they can stay warm in PyeongChang’s frigid weather. This technology may be popping up more soon – nearly half of Americans (49%) say they would want to control the temperature of their clothes with an app.

Research from YouGov Omnibus reveals that more than one in three Americans (35%) want clothing technology that can help them stay both warm and cool. One in ten (10%) say they would just want heating technology in their clothing and even fewer (4%) still say they would just want technology to help them stay cool.

Not all say they would adopt temperature regulating technology in their clothing. Nearly half (49%) of Americans over the age of 55 say they’re not interested in having the clothing technology though they appear to be the exception. A majority in every other age bracket, particularly younger millennials (62%), would adopt wearable technology in their clothes.

The demand for such clothing is underscored by the number of Americans who say they’re intolerant of uneven temperatures in certain conditions. While a third of Americans (34%) say they’re bothered on hot days by the A/C blasting too high, more (45%) are annoyed when the heat is too hot on cold days. The ability to adapt one’s insulation with clothing technology could remedy both situations.

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