Artificial intelligence: Global research reveals relationship between knowledge and sentiment

November 30, 2021, 11:00 AM GMT+0

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a part of our everyday existence, though still a distant reality from the one depicted in sci-fi movies where robots aim to extinguish the human species. A new YouGov whitepaper that delves into consumer feelings around AI shows there is a correlation between knowledge about AI and feeling around its benefits to society.

The data we collected provides the ability to observe the relationship between self-claimed knowledge and sentiment. We looked at the statement “I am very well informed on it and the possibilities it presents us” and analyzed it relative to statements related to the impact on society. The data suggests that more knowledge may elicit more favorable sentiment (or is at least related) and less knowledge may elicit negative belief systems. This suggests the need for greater education as a society.

Consumers in Great Britain are less likely to be well-informed about AI (7%), less likely to feel it will have a positive impact on society (15%), and more likely to feel it will have a negative impact (33%).

Overall, just 10% of global consumers say they’re very well informed on AI and the possibilities it presents to society. Respondents are split on whether it has a more positive (23%) or negative (23%) impact on society, while 40% say it has equally positive and negative impact and 15% say they’re not sure.

Private and public institutions should strive to better articulate the safety of AI and automation, while also explaining to everyday consumers how it will benefit their lives.

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