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JetBlue achieved the highest US leisure travel satisfaction ratings of domestic airlines during the heavy travel period of December through the first week of January, while Alaska Air took the same honors for business traveler satisfaction.

Virgin America scored second best for both leisure and business travelers in December, with leisure travelers making a stronger showing for the brand.

Leisure travelers gave JetBlue, Virgin America and Alaska Air close grades for satisfaction while business travelers’ score for Alaska Air was significantly higher than the next brand, Virgin America.

United made the top five list for leisure traveler satisfaction while Delta received a similar score landing in fifth place for business travelers.

The top domestic airlines were measured with YouGov BrandIndex’s Satisfaction score, which asks "Are you a satisfied customer?" All results are for U.S. adults 18+ and divided into two groups: consumers who have taken at least one leisure travel trip in the past 12 months, and consumers who have taken at least one business travel trip in the past 12 months.

Leisure Traveler Satisfaction Score

Business Traveler Satisfaction Score

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