While the results of a new YouGov survey indicate that Americans seem to have rather mixed opinions about 3D films overall, one thing is clear from the results: film-goers would be more likely to watch 3D movies if they didn’t have to wear those 3D glasses.

For most of the questions in the survey, roughly equal numbers of respondents agreed or disagreed, though typically with slightly more on the negative side.

When asked whether 3D films were the future of cinema, 30% of respondents thought it was, while 33% thought it was not. Likewise, when respondents were asked whether 3D films were a passing fad, 37% said they were a fad and 27% said they weren't.

Assessments about the potential of 3D films followed a similar pattern. When asked if 3D improves the quality of the film, 27% agreed against 32% who did not. 33%, too, thought that 3D technology was only worthwhile for blockbusters, while 27% thought it might have a wider usage.

In a few questions, respondents took a more positive spin towards 3D movie. When given the choice of seeing the same movie in 2D or 3D for the same price, 40% said they would see the 3D movie, versus 29% who would most likely opt for the 2D version. When asked if 3D movies were only for children, more respondents thought they were also for grown-ups (39%) than simply for kids (29%).

It should be mentioned also that, for many questions, the number of respondents who said they had no opinion at all was typically larger than either the number who agreed or disagreed, indicating a lack of definite opinion on many of these questions.

While overall, then, opinion was not particularly strong, there was one area where response was unified. When asked if they would be more likely to go to 3D films if they didn’t have to wear 3D glasses, 57% said it would make them more likely to go, while only 16% said it would not.

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